InnerSpace Luxury Truck Bunk Mattress 32 x 79 inches TK-3279

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The Innerspace Luxury Truck Mattress is 6.5 inches thick and the result of a scientific approach to sleep that promotes the restful, healthful sleep you need to be at your best on the road. The 100% Verflex core is a special open cell material that conforms to the contours of your body. This revolutionary, patented material firmly supports your body from head-to-toe and distributes your weight evenly across the mattress, eliminating the uncomfortable lumps, bumps, and pressure points that can prevent you from sleeping soundly.

Why is it so important for truck drivers to get enough high quality sleep? Scientific studies show that adequate sleep is necessary to maintain mental concentration and alertnessóvital to driving safely.

To begin getting the restful sleep you need, simply measure your sleeper cab bunk and select one of the four standard sizesó 28" x 79", 32" x 79", 35" x 79", 38" x 80", or 42" x 80". The structure of the Verflex core allows the Mobile Innerspace Sleep Mattress to be delivered to you rolled in a compact, easy-to-handle package. Simply place the mattress in your bunk, undo the tapes, and watch as the mattress permanently expands to a firm 6.5 thick sleeping surface in minutes. Itís that easy!

Thanks to the open cell material of the Verflex core, the mattress will be delivered to you rolled in a compact, easy-to-handle package. Just place the mattress in your bunk, open the tapes, and the Mobile Innerspace Luxury Mattress permanently expands to its firm, luxurious, 6.5" thickness in a few minutes.

Luxury Truck Bunk Mattress details:

  • Size: 32" x 79" x 6.5" THICK
  • Start getting better sleep in your truck, camper or wherever you need an extra mattress
  • Compact, Easy to Handle and Easy to Use
  • 6.5 inches thick for extra comfort
  • Made of the Best Natural & Man-Made Materials
  • Patented Foam Core is 100% Verflex(R) Including Cotton Fleece
  • Hypo-Allergenic, CFC-Free & Exceeds MVSS-302 Flame-Retardant Standards
  • Designed Specifically for Trucks

Why InnerSpace?

Itís the scientific approach, the most luxurious nightís sleep ever. Our sleep systems, mattresses and pillows are made of the finest space-age materials, providing the ideal anatomical resting position for unsurpassed comfort and support.

A good nightís sleep isnít a luxury, itís a necessity. Adequate, restful sleep is essential to overall good health. Thatís why, from cover to core, every InnerSpace product is designed to provide the best sleep possible and the best value in its price range.

Why sleep on metal? Replace those old-fashioned mattresses that have metal springs and other rigid materials with technologically-advanced InnerSpace Mattresses made of Verflex, an exclusive open cell core of polyurethane foam, surrounded by pure cotton and wool fleece.

Hypo-allergenic, Flame retardant

  • No CFCs
  • Flame retardant - meets government flammability standards
  • Environmentally safe
  • Our Luxury Impressions Mattress offers these features and more. This two-layer composite cradles your body in comfort, with Verflex and Memopur, a 3-inch thick visco-elastic memory foam. Tubular air channels in three comfort zones direct heat and humidity away from the body and evenly distributes your bodyís weight across the entire sleep surface.

Our innovative Packaging makes it easy to get a good nightís sleep effortlessly. The compressed, rolled package is easy to handle, transport and install, without the hassle and time delay of special deliveries.

So what are you waiting for? The comfort of a good nightís sleep awaits you

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